Monday 31 December 2018
PennDot Innovation Challenge Deadline

The PennDOT Innovations Challenge is a statewide competition that challenges teams of students in ninth through 12th grade to use their problem-solving, creative, and strategic-thinking abilities to solve real-world transportation challenges. Regional winners will be selected from PennDOT's Engineering Districts. Those winners will move on to a statewide competition in Harrisburg where an overall winner will be selected.

2018-19 Challenge

Every day, construction workers on Pennsylvania roadways face a dangerous threat in work zones. Despite increased enforcement efforts, work zone signage placed miles in advance, and smartphone alerts, drivers continue to commit traffic violations in work zones, which sometimes lead to crashes and other dangerous, life-threatening situations, or tragically someone being killed.

Your Challenge: Aside from laws and educational campaigns, what cost-effective, innovative solution can be developed in the next five to 10 years to get drivers to slow down in work zones?

Your Award: The statewide winning team will be chosen from among regional winning teams across the state. Each PennDOT regional office’s winning team members will receive certificates. The regional winners will be invited to Harrisburg to present their innovative solutions in front of the PennDOT Secretary and a panel of judges. The statewide winning team will receive certificates as well as a traveling trophy and permanent trophy engraved with the school's name. The statewide winning team will also be awarded $1,500 from thePennsylvania Chapter of the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA)Opens In A New Window to be divided among team members.

Think you have an innovative solution? Give the PennDOT Innovations Challenge your best effort!

Project & Submission Guidelines

Students must work together in teams (minimum of two up to a maximum of four individuals) to develop their innovative solution that addresses the identified challenge.

To enter the challenge, teams must complete the 2018-2019 PennDOT Innovations Challenge Submission Form, which includes attaching a description of no more than 500 words outlining the innovative solution, its benefits, estimated implementation costs and a funding strategy.

The submissions will be reviewed by regional PennDOT offices and up to five team finalists will be invited to present their solutions in person at a PennDOT regional office depending on where their school district is located.

Note: If your team is selected as a regional finalist, a PowerPoint presentation (or similar presentation software), consisting of no more than 15 slides must be created. Presentations must be no longer than 15 minutes. In addition, models, diagrams, videos, and other visual aids or supporting materials can be used as part of your presentation to demonstrate your team's innovative solution to the PennDOT regional office judges.

Winners will be selected from PennDOT regional offices; regional winners will move on to compete in Harrisburg as part of the statewide competition where one statewide winner will be selected.

The challenge is open to Pennsylvania high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors in public, private or charter schools, and homeschooled students.

Family members (siblings, children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews) of PennDOT employees are ineligible to enter.


Submissions must be received by PennDOT's Bureau of Innovations by 5 PM on December 31, 2018. By December 31, 2018, at 5 PM, complete and submit the 2018-2019 PennDOT Innovations Challenge Submission Form to PennDOT's Bureau of Innovations.

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