Saturday 26 October 2019
Integrating STEM into Everyday Life

This free conference for middle and high school teachers is the kick off to a series of Intensive Workshops in which YOU can dive more deeply into learning how to motivate your students to love to learn STEM and to use what they learn to make their community a better, safer, more sustainable place! Students and teachers will feel invigorated by this approach and will find meaning in learning as they apply it to real life.

What does the debate over bicycle safety laws or texting and distractions have to do with STEM? How about body image and "fat" camps? Listening to your favorite music? Listening to it LOUD? Students examine the implications of these and other issues through a STEM lens and learn to make more thoughtful, considered decisions. Teachers learn to transform their classrooms into project-based, place-based buzzing hives of ideas and actions!

STEM in-service and pre-service middle and high school teachers who come to this Conference will be invited to apply to participate in a series of 3 paid professional development Intensives that will provide them with an opportunity to learn how to take their eligible content and standards-based instruction and move it from abstract to concrete...real life! For more information visit PRNP Conference Series on Integrating STEM in Everyday Life.

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