Saturday 30 January 2021

PEEP 2.0 Level 2 12/16/20 and 1/30/21
PEEP 2.0 Level 1 12/6/20 and 1/30/21

PEEP 2.0 Workshop for Teachers For teachers NEW to PEEP and NEED programming

NEED’s fall programming has gone digital! We’re pleased say that the PECO Energizing Education Program is back for 2020-2021, thanks to our friends at PECO. Please join us for a virtual PEEP workshop and some new PEEP opportunities.   This year’s program will include 4 FREE workshops for teachers to select from, based on their familiarity with PEEP, NEED materials, and energy content. Level 1 workshops will introduce teachers to the program, energy content, and energy source kits offered.  Level 2 workshops will introduce returning teachers to new offerings, climate, careers, and other fun energy content. Teachers may attend ONE workshop each school year. All workshops are:

    • Free to attend
    • Geared for teachers grades 3-12
    • Substitute reimbursement/stipend provided for full attendance
    • Opportunity to apply for additional grant opportunities
    • Each teacher will receive their choice of energy kit from the list of offerings

Register now for  on December 1 2020-2021 workshop agenda 12.1. 20 Level 1 and January 9!  2020-2021 workshop agenda 1.9.21Level 1

Register now for Level 2 Workshops on December 16 2020-2021 workshop agenda 12.16. Level 2 and January 30! 2020-2021 workshop agenda 1.30.21 Level 2

See the attached flyers for more information, agendas, and links to register, or head to

ABOUT THE NEED PROJECT The NEED Project designs and delivers teacher-tested educational materials, evaluation techniques and tools, recognition of student achievement, and professional development for educators. NEED materials and training programs provide comprehensive, objective information about the scientific concepts of energy and the sources of energy – their use and their impact on the environment, the economy and society.

Register today! odab&oeidk=a07ehe90lmk92938ed4 Click and complete your registration! QUESTIONS? Contact Wendi Moss at or call 1-800-875-5029


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