Cultural Proficiency – A Continuing Journey

Cultural proficiency is defined as a mind-set, a worldview, a way a person or an organization makes assumptions for effectively describing, responding to, and planning for issues that arise in diverse environments. For some people, cultural proficiency is a paradigm shift from viewing cultural differences as problematic to learning how to interact effectively with other cultures.

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NSTA Learning Center

What do you do if you’re asked to teach some science topic that you’re not really sure about? Do you go to the internet to try to find ideas? If yoNSTA 1u do find ideas, how do you know the science behind them is not critically flawed? NSTA has a resource to help you through those difficult times. They have created the NSTA Learning Center to help teachers insure their students get top notch, accurate information in their classrooms.

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Eliminate the Paper Chase: Find Papers Fast

TWO PART ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEM keeping track of class assignments organizing assignments for grading. As a teacher do you cringe when a student asks, “What did I miss last Thursday?”?   Or do you dread the student’s statement, “I KNOW I turned that assignment in, YOU...

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