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    I am also a recovering runescape nerd 7 til age or hahah:D Played fram age 6 well. I am 25 today and it seems as though I stopped playing with yesterday. The urges include this feeling as I wish to accomplish something”grand” and making countless GP or murdering players/bosses provides that feeling. RuneScape taught me a great deal. Just like you I found youtube videos. A philosopher that puts great videos on psychology and philosophy at no cost on yt, namely jordan Peterson.

    I’m 2 years clean today and I cope with the urges by reminding myself that real life is a much better grind. I have taken control of my body and brain and can sit idle for hours just staring out a window when I need to. I’ve taken my studies and’m starting my next semester of technology studies shortly. Great job.

    This could be great to help people learn to pk. Much like LMS even with the along side, people wait for that one to come about and will prefer one. Want more options. But what do I know. Styles can be changed each year that was just what I’d like to see in a year. Every setup seems nice to me, even though this won’t get anywhere I’ll just mention that people use mystics on main fights so you get penalized for getting the incorrect gear / beg on even more, ahrims giving melee defence stats.

    No you just get penalized for trying to mage, it is literally only much better to bolt rather than use mystics with no occult. I understand this works because lms base gear works basically the same way. And I’m pretty sure in that current pvp tourney they utilized ahrims and occult and individuals were splashing all over the area. That is why people only nh stake versus individuals they know are worse than them (obviously the people that are worse either don’t know it, or are trying to establish themselves), it’s pointless otherwise.
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