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The Drexel University Noyce Scholarship Program is a partnership between Drexel University’s School of Education, the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Biomedical Engineering. Sheila Vaidya PhD, serves as the programs principal investigator and director. Program objectives include: (1) To recruit qualified science, engineering, and mathematics students and professionals dedicated to teaching math or science into the School District of Philadelphia (2) To provide strong preparation addressing content knowledge, pedagogicalcontent knowledge, learner knowledge, and technology integration (3) To provide mentoring and induction activities Individuals who successfully complete this program will become certified teachers of mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, earth and space science, or general science.

Scholars are expected to participate in the community of teacher development including:

1.    Monthly program meetings and professional development

2.    Written program reviews

3.    Classroom observations

4.    Teaching presentations

5.    Grant Writing

6.    Participation in the Philadelphia Regional Noyce Partnership

The Drexel program models itself on current research and successful design of premiere teacher mentoring programs that have benefited teachers and their students attending high-need urban schools. The Teacher Mentorship Program is designed with the inputs and feedback from participating mentors and protégé teachers as part of a continuous loop to refine and improve the effectiveness of the program implementation.

In partnership with programs at the University of Massachusetts, Boston and SUNY Cortland, Drexel serves as the host of the Noyce Northeast Annual Conferences.  

Learn more about the Drexel University Graduate Education Program here.  The Drexel University representative to the Philadelphia Regional Noyce Partnership is Co-Principal Investigator, Dr. Sheila Vaidya.

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